Our Testimony

Peter and Kate love to share their amazing personal testimony of God’s faithfulness, healing, love and mercy, experienced during nearly thirty years of married life.

Kate lost her sight at the age of fifteen and suffered from juvenile arthritis. In 1985, married with two children, she began to suffer with severe depression brought about by the onset of chronic arthritic pain and ongoing blindness. This was to last for six years. However, God stepped in unexpectedly one day and turned their lives around. Kate was miraculously healed of both the severe depression and all arthritic pain. Her relationship with God dramatically changed and as a result her eyesight, too, began to improve.

These events led to them seeking more of God’s plan and purpose for their lives, which was to open up many new areas of challenge, excitement, determination and a certain knowledge that their experience of God’s healing is available to all.

They have been in full time Christian ministry for fifteen years now and have experienced the miracle of God’s provision in times of need and His powerful protection over the whole family.

They have seen many lives transformed through the amazing power and love of Jesus Christ and have shared their testimony in many different settings, both as an entire meeting devoted to their testimony or interwoven in the teaching of God’s Word.

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